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Lighting Tips

Shopping for home lighting can be confusing process with many different fixture styles and types available. To help guide you through the process we have put together a collection of lighting tips to help you choose the perfect light solution for your room. Have a read through the articles, you can also pop into our showroom where our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be more than happy to help you in person, that's what we are here for!
Picking the Right Size Chandelier
How to work out the correct chandelier size
Chandeliers are designed to float in the room and can be the focal point of a room, choosing the correct size is important as if it's too small it will appear lost and loose impact and if it's too big it will overpower the room.

To calculate the required size you will need to know the following
  • Your ceiling height - the taller the ceiling, the larger the chandelier
  • Size and shape of your island or table - your chandelier should complement not overpower
  • The room dimensions - again the chandelier should complement and not overpower the room
Chandelier size for your foyer
With your room dimensions to hand, it is time to calculate the correct size chandelier for the space. If your foyer is 10' x 12' then you add the 10 and 12 together to get 22, this means that 22" is the correct size chandelier to use. The optimal height for a foyer chandelier is a minimum of between 80 and 84 inches from the floor to the bottom of the fixture.

Chandelier size for your dining table
When looking for a chandelier for your dining table, choose one that is 6" narrower than the smallest width of the dining table. For example if your dining table measures 48" x 86", then the recommended width of the chandelier is approximately 36".

The ideal height for the chandelier on a 8' ceiling is 30" from your table top, then for each additional foot in ceiling height add one inch to the clearance height from the table. So for a 10' ceiling the chandelier should be 32" from the table top.
How many watts do I need?
Calculating the wattage required for your room
When choosing new lighting fixtures for your room it is important to ensure that you are getting enough light to effectively illuminate the room, luckily for you there is a quick calculation you can use to work out the correct wattage required for the room.

If you take a 12' by 14' room as an example, first you need to calculate the square footage which you do by multiplying room dimensions (12 x 14=168). Then you need to multiply the square footage by 1.5 to give you the total illumination needed for the room (168 x 1.5 = 252 watts).

For specific task lighting within a space (such as the light needed on an island in your kitchen) multiply the square footage of the island (example: 8 by 4=32 sq feet) by 2.5 = 80. Two 40-watt pendants would do the job.
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